April 15, 2021

Third Thursday Thoughts, 4th Edition

From Chief Executive Officer, Brian Lucas

Third Thursday Thoughts

What are the hottest jobs and the most competitive positions you are seeing in the current market?
We are seeing large increases in professional services and technology, especially cyber security and technical support. According to CNBC, job growth in March was well ahead of Dow Jones estimates and the fastest growing since August 2020. This is largely due to stronger economic growth coupled with the increase in vaccinations. The strongest gains were seen in leisure and hospitality, which was the hardest sector hit during the pandemic, adding 280,000 new hires. A slew of other industries also added jobs: construction, professional services, manufacturing, transportation, retail and mining all contributed to the strong growth.

If you are actively looking for a new role what is the best way to job search with changing technology, working remotely and media options that are available to you?
Relationship building throughout the job search and interview process is critical. Thoughtfully grow your network and connect with potential future employers. If the current open position doesn’t fully align with your skillset, down the road another opportunity just may be an ideal fit. Always keep the door open today for tomorrow’s opportunities. Ensure your social media platforms are professional and free of inappropriate and/or controversial content. Search the many job boards that are available to you and post your resume so that you are visible in confidential searches. Be sure to have a device where you have video interview capabilities and a professional background.

With college graduation right around the corner, what is the best advice you would give to the graduates in the Class of 2021?
When writing your resume emphasize your internships, volunteer work, leadership positions held in school organizations and soft skills. Highlight how your internship experience and skillset are applicable to the position you are interested in. Soft skills such as being self- motivated, a good communicator and a leader are significant selling points to employers. Attend campus or employer hosted events that are available to you both in-person and virtual. Build your LinkedIn network and profile and include the link on your resume.  The follow-up in the interview process is so important, always remember to send a written thank you.

What industries outside of accounting does Marcum Search service?
We fill temporary and permanent positions from human resources to operations to back-office across our industry specialties, which include technology, legal, life sciences/pharmaceutical, manufacturing and engineering.