Founded by CPAs and Management Professionals, Marcum Search is built upon industry knowledge and an understanding that quick, reliable, and accurate information is critical to helping your company make important real-time decisions about how to navigate this economic climate.

Being part of a network that includes over 1200 professionals and consultants across the globe allows us to tap in to resources and networks that others simply cannot access. Our consultants are able to pin-point your exact needs through a thorough understanding of not only the technical requirements of the role, but more importantly the professional atmosphere, various existing personalities, and long term goals of your company.

Because we’re a member of an international professional services firm that provides a myriad of consultative services to a wide array of clientele, we are held to a higher standard. It’s not only our own reputation on the line, but that of the rest of the 1200 people in our network! It’s those higher standards and professional ethics that have established us as trusted consultants and business partners to middle market and Fortune 500 companies alike. It’s our mission to develop long term, and meaningful relationships with our clients through patience, understanding, hard work, and quality results that cannot be matched.