Marcum Search LLC offers all of our recruiting and HR services across a multiple of industries, lines of business, and specializations, with our executive and management teams starting their careers “in industry”, bringing the in depth knowledge of not only the specific environmental needs of the clients we work with, but also the technical and business skills needed to fully vet candidates and understand the positions as a whole, not just a list of requirements.

Marcum Search clients include “mom and pop shop” to Fortune 1000 companies across the country.  We also are the in-house talent division for Marcum LLP, providing Tax, Audit, Advisory and Financial professionals, as well as the back office support and IT staff for the growing international firm.  We provide our clients in industry insights and trends, and we learn from them what makes companies successful, and what their pain points are- working together to solve a problem, not just fill a position.

We also partner with Marcum Technology to provide Technical assessments and consulting services.

Need services beyond what Marcum Search can offer? Let us introduce you to an Advisor at Marcum LLP or Marcum Technology – and form a partnership to help your business grow.