Did you know that you can Payroll Candidates through Marcum?

If you identify/recruit your own candidate, we can payroll your candidate at a reduced rate! Our Marcum Payroll Services can take care of onboarding, taxes, insurance cost and all onboard processes for your company. And because you identify the candidate, there is never a conversion fee. You can hire your candidate at any timeā€¦stress free!

Why Use Marcum’s Payroll?

  • We eliminate the need for Independent contractors
  • We are the Employer of record and responsible for Tax burden
  • We take care of State & Federal Unemployment Financial burdens
  • We take care of Workers’ Compensation costs
  • We take care of all On-boarding & Payroll Paperwork
  • We offer many Employee Benefits
  • We offer Weekly pay for all employees including Direct deposit
  • No minimum Temp hours, you can hire your candidate at any time