Did you know that you can Payroll Candidates through Marcum?

Many times our clients have identified a temporary resource on their own, but are not setup to pay temporary employees. With the government regulations on paying temporary resource on a 1099 constantly changing and becoming more regulated, Marcum Search provides you the means to still bring your resource on board, and ensure they are paid according to local and federal guidelines, and have access to benefits per government requirements.

Marcum Search charges a fixed hourly rate for each hour of regular and overtime hours worked by the payrolled candidate, and there is no minimum hour requirement or conversion fee should you decide to convert the payrolled candidate to become your own full time employee. You can hire, or terminate your candidate at any time…stress free!

How are we different?

Marcum Search can eliminate the need for Independent contractors/1099 payments, which may have tax consequences and are governed by ever changing regulations. We are the Employer of record and are responsible for all Tax burdens. We also:

  • Process and report State & Federal Unemployment Financial burdens.
  • Cover Workers’ Compensation and State Disability costs.
  • Process the On-boarding & Payroll Paperwork, including I9 verifications.
  • Offer benefits to our temporary employees after a waiting period.
  • Pay our employees weekly and offer Direct deposit.