June 17, 2021

Third Thursday Thoughts, 6th Edition

From Chief Executive Officer, Brian Lucas

Third Thursday Thoughts

Do you understand the needs of your associates as we enter in to the new normal?
As we transition back in to the workplace after more than a year of disruption, many with angst and/or hesitation, we thought highlighting The Birkman Method would be timely.  Specifically discussing how Birkman can help better understand the Needs of your colleagues and/or employees.

We all require a certain treatment from the environment around us; Birkman is the only assessment that provides insight in to our invisible needs and expectations.  When our needs are satisfied, we are more comfortable and able to perform productively.  For many who have been effected by COVID-19 in some way, we could be reentering the workplace with different needs than we had pre-pandemic. 

How has Marcum Search leveraged the needs portion of the Birkman assessment?
Every Marcum Search associate is educated in this area since Birkman is our language in the workplace.  We understand that how someone acts or behaves can be vastly different than how they expect others to behave.  Through the tools Birkman provides to us, and also through our Birkman Certified Professionals, we are able to evaluate ones needs and adjust our style to meet their needs in an effort to create a more harmonious working relationship.

Often times we take for granted the way people behave is what they expect back from their environment, when in fact their needs could be the opposite of their usual behavior.  We carry our needs with us in everything we do; communication, pace for action, receiving direction or delegation from our leadership, our thought process when approaching decision making or troubleshooting issues. 

Due to the talent shortage, and the lingering effects of the pandemic – as employers, it is more important than ever for us to understand our associates and what they need from us to perform productively.  The Birkman Method provides us with the scientific data needed to make this possible.

We continue to be excited to offer this service and together help move your organization towards optimal success and achieving your goals around human capital.  Contact Heidi Williams for more information.

This will be our last blog before we take our summer hiatus. It has been a challenging year for all of us, and our hope is that everyone will have an opportunity to rest and recharge in the weeks to come. See you after Labor Day.