May 18, 2023

Third Thursday Thoughts, 20th Edition

Summertime and Recruiting: A Dynamic Partnership

Third Thursday Thoughts

Summertime brings a sense of freedom, adventure, and endless possibilities. It is a season that invigorates our spirits and inspires us to embark on new ventures. A new venture that aligns perfectly with the energy of summertime is recruiting. Recruiting during the summer months presents unique opportunities and challenges.

There are several advantages for summer recruitment initiatives. The relaxed atmosphere during the summer months allows both recruiters and candidates to engage in the process with a refreshed mindset. Candidates are more likely to be receptive to hearing about new opportunities and open to exploring career advancements during this period.  Decision-makers have made it through the challenges of the first six months of the year (year-end close, year-end audits, budget changes, etc) and have some more time to re-evaluate their staffing needs as well as having more time to dedicate to the recruiting process thereby increasing the efficiency of hiring. Additionally, summertime provides access to a pool of talented individuals who are in transition phases. College students on summer break, recent graduates, and professionals seeking new challenges often actively seek employment opportunities during this time. This influx of motivated individuals allows recruiters to tap into a wider talent pool and find candidates who bring unique perspectives and skills to organizations.

To make the most of recruiting during this time of year, recruiters can employ various strategies. Recruiters should continue utilizing digital platforms and social media. Many individuals spend more time online during the summer, making it an opportune moment to engage with potential candidates. By leveraging social media platforms, recruiters can reach a broader audience, showcase company culture, and promote job openings effectively.

Recruiters should host more events specifically designed for the summertime to attract candidates who are seeking new opportunities or to benchmark themselves against what may be out there. These events can take advantage of outdoor venues, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for networking and relationship building. Companies can also collaborate with educational institutions, offering internships and summer programs to engage with students who are eager to gain valuable experience.

Another effective strategy is to create engaging and visually appealing job advertisements. Incorporating summer-related imagery, vibrant colors, and highlighting the benefits of working during the summer can capture the attention of potential candidates. Emphasizing flexible work arrangements, such as remote or flexible hours, can be especially appealing to individuals seeking a better work-life balance during the summer months.

Summertime recruitment, it is not without its challenges. The reduced availability of decision-makers and key stakeholders due to vacations can slow down the hiring process. To address this, recruiters can plan ahead, ensuring that essential decision-makers are available and that the necessary resources are in place to maintain momentum during the summer months.

The increased competition during summertime recruiting can make it harder to attract and retain top talent. Companies will need to focus on promoting their unique selling points and offer competitive compensation and benefits packages. Selling points that are important to most candidates are the company’s commitment to work-life balance, professional development, hybrid / remote opportunities, and a positive work environment. How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Summertime can be a very effective and successful time to recruit top talent.  We here at Marcum Search use the summer months to get out, network and attend recruiting events. This year we are an exhibitor and sponsor at the SHRM 23 Conference in Las Vegas (June 11th-14th).  If you are there, stop by and say hello.

Third Thursday Thoughts will be taking a summer vacation and will resume after Labor Day.

Enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.