Through the myriad of services that Marcum Search offers, one in particular features a blend of both the exclusivity and consultative approach of our executive retained searches, along with the timely efficiency found in our contingency searches. This blend is known as a search deposit or contained search, and is something that not every search firm is able to offer.

This particular search requires our clients to put a small, and pre-agreed upon, deposit down at the beginning of the search with the balance due upon successful completion.

For that small deposit, the client is granted access to several very important features. First and foremost, absolute exclusivity of every candidate presented is guaranteed from beginning to end. This means that when it comes time to offer the role to that perfect candidate the client won’t be competing with 5 other companies or find themselves in a bidding war. Additionally, multiple consultants are guaranteed to be assigned to work exclusively on the project until the right person is found.

Equally important is the time one of our consultants will take in personally meeting with the client, understanding their unique needs, and devising an original marketing plan to help uncover the best talent available.

Perhaps most importantly, since Marcum Search is a true team environment, all resources and candidates are pooled together to ensure the right individual is available for our client’s needs. Try getting that guarantee from any other firm in the country in this day and age where recruiters are constantly pitted against one another and the right candidate is commonly not presented for the best job!

All in all, placing a search deposit is a quick, effective, and efficient way of finding and placing talent at any level within any company. We here at Marcum Search challenge you to try something new and step outside the box. Try a Search Deposit today for one role within your company and you’ll never go back!