Marcum Search’s Retained Search division is a leading performance-driven executive search firm serving clients across the globe. Marcum Search follows a rigorous retained search recruitment process (and flow) that identifies high performing talent for your company based on a variety of established metrics.

Effective recruiting takes years of experience and the most effective recruiting process is one that is continually refined and customized for each client, as every client’s needs are different.

Each assignment begins with an initial briefing from the client during which the key parameters of the search are agreed and documented.

Our search consultants then carry out an assessment process which usually involves visiting the client’s offices and meeting with key executives to discuss the business environment, culture, priorities and any other issues that may affect the position.

Having defined the key selection criteria with the client, we continue our targeted research into companies and sectors to find those best qualified for the role. Using our proprietary research methods and personal contacts we speak to sources familiar with those companies and industries to seek informal views and opinions on individuals we believe may be relevant and qualified.

On the basis of our research, we approach potential candidates on an informed basis. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, we meet in person for further evaluation.

After the client has selected their preferred candidate, our consultants conduct thorough referencing to further measure and assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses, and to provide our client with external views of the individual.

When an offer is made to a candidate, our consultants are available to participate in any negotiations. Finally, regular “check-ups” are done throughout the course of the first year of employment to ensure that the expectations are met and any possible hurdles are overcome with ease. Curious about what a Retained Search could do for your team? Inquire with Marcum Search’s Retained Search division today.