Executive Compensation services include the core areas of Base and Incentive Compensation, Outside Director Compensation, Executive Compensation, Board Compensation Committee Advisory Services, Performance Management, and the Development of Total Reward Strategies.

Total Reward Strategies

Helping organizations build a total compensation strategy is a starting point in defining how financial and nonfinancial rewards can be used to assist in achieving business goals and improve productivity. Marcum Search can identify the business factors to be considered, the design team required within the organization, and various design alternatives including the optimum mix and targeted pay from all potential rewards.

Base and Incentive Compensation

Marcum Search uses the authoritative surveys from Economic Research Institute (ERI) as a primary resource in establishing competitive values of total cash compensation (salary plus annual incentive). We also design salary ranges, salary increase programs, geographical pay differentials, annual incentive plans, long term incentive plans including stock award plans, and plan administration requirements.

Executive Compensation

In this specialized area of total rewards, our firm offers assistance in identifying the tax and accounting impact as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of executive pay, particularly equity-based and nonequity-based long term incentives, executive contracts for both public and private organizations. Marcum Search also has expertise in developing programs for executives on overseas assignments.

Board Compensation Committee Advisory Services

Both public companies and not-for-profit organizations are now required to have independent advisors on executive pay, and private companies are finding it valuable to also use independent advisors on establishing appropriate pay levels and pay programs for executives. Marcum Search’s executive compensation leaders frequently advise company Board members on executive pay.

Outside Director Compensation

Marcum Search conducts an annual survey of non-employee director compensation enabling the firm to provide advice on types and levels of remuneration and current trends in this specialized area of compensation.

Performance Management

The cornerstone of any compensation program is the organization performance planning processes. Our firm can guide organizations on merit pay plans, performance evaluation forms, and incentive compensation payout schedules, and, we offer training programs in this area.