December 16, 2021

Third Thursday Thoughts, 9th Edition

From Chief Executive Officer, Brian Lucas

Third Thursday Thoughts, 9th Edition

Tis the season to remember work-life balance

As we reach the end of 2021, I think we can all agree this has not been just “another” year. We all faced challenges and we evolved and adapted, to how and even where we work. We talk about having a happy holiday, but, of course, this is about more than the words on a Hallmark card. Work-life balance is a hot topic all year long, but now is a time when we may rebalance the scales a little. This is the time when we recharge and take some time off. Work is important, but I also know when I see a son or daughter and their parents playing basketball in the driveway, there is nothing more important than that. It’s a moment that will pass. When the child grows up, one of those parents may walk out into the driveway alone and for a moment see the ghost of a game gone by. Whether a ball went in won’t matter then. The moments we make today are the ones we will remember tomorrow.

This is a time when the national focus, for many, shifts more toward family first and foremost, those we love, taking some time off and enjoying moments beyond the pleasure of a job well done. We may travel, seeking to make memories, and enjoy ourselves with loved ones. Why do we work? Many of us enjoy our job and get pleasure from positive change, but we also do it to support the ones we love.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Work matters. A lot. Work, I would argue, makes the world go around. We define ourselves, often, by our work. “What do you do?” And that is an important part of who we are. But who we are beyond work matters too. Work is a big part of many of our lives, but it’s not the whole picture.

The holidays are a time when we recognize how important quality time, not just time, is with those we love. For many, family time is what happens after we finish work. In order to be productive, healthy, function and not burn out, it’s important we focus on what we do beyond work. The best employee isn’t only the hardest worker, although that certainly helps. Someone who is engaged and fulfilled at home and happy in general is more likely to be pleasant and positive at work.

Many of us in the days to come will make resolutions related to work, health, family and the future. And, it’s certain, that work will continue to make the world go around. So enjoy the holiday. Spend time with family and friends. And then, after taking at least some time off, go back to work, recharged, refreshed and ready to change the world again. Go back to a job (or contact us to find a new one) that, I hope, you enjoy and continue to enjoy family, friends, life and have a bright future both at home and at work.

I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays and a very Happy New Year.