October 20, 2022

Third Thursday Thoughts, Special Edition

Leveraging Our Strengths

Third Thursday Thoughts, Special Edition

The Community of Marcum Search

Perhaps you are old enough to remember visiting offices in the pre-pandemic era. (It was less than three years ago!)

Do you recall seeing inspirational posters in frames hanging on hallway walls?

One of the most frequent slogans offered to remind us of TEAMWORK.  Sometimes, the reminder that “There is no ‘I’ in Teamwork.”

The term “teamwork” is often heard in sports, in sales efforts or as your human resources department maps out organizational structures.

Here, the Marcum Search catchphrase has often been, “collaborative…”  meaning that our recruiting teams work together like integrated cogs in the machinery.  Our recruiters hail from a variety of industries often with varying disciplines, creating a community. At the same time, we sit under the umbrella of The Marcum Group, so we all breathe in the air of Marcum LLP’s core accounting expertise and sometimes marvel at the growth of the parent unit. Similarly, Marcum Search has had the luxury of merging in other key recruiting units such as ProSearch from Long Island, the Skoda Minotti team in the Midwest, JHill Staffing in California, and just last month, the talent acquisition squad from the accounting & consulting firm of Friedman LLP.

The growth and development of Marcum Search did not emerge overnight or as if by wizardry. Yet today, our team members now number over 40, around the nation.

What I once saw as collaboration or even teamwork is now exponentially greater.  With an Operations team supporting our recruiters; Sourcers finding innovative paths to passive candidates; Business Development professionals; experts for recruiting in IT, Legal Services, Finance, Human Resources, Media and of course in private and public Accounting…we’ve become an organization that can now leverage the strengths of each other. Simply, that our combined unit is greater than the sum of the individual parts creating an environment where our recruiters and team members can thrive.

We’ve learned how to leverage the strengths of each other by learning about the skills of our peers through mentoring, training, communication, job sharing, day-to-day task support and brief regular team meetings.

Uniquely, Marcum Search has the freedom to also leverage the strengths of the 3500 consultants and professionals at Marcum LLP.  Yes, you’ve seen the TV ads to ASK MARCUM, and we have the benefit of Marcum LLP as an internal resource which enables Marcum Search to rise above other recruiting, executive search and staffing firms. #AskMarcum

THIRD THURSDAY THOUGHTS is usually written by the CEO of Marcum Search LLC, Brian Lucas. Earlier this week marked National Boss’s Day, so we decided to give Brian a brief respite from composing this month’s column.  That also gives me the opportunity share how Brian’s leadership ingrains how we Leverage The Strengths of our team members. He manages us with a fair and level style mixed with humor, foresight, knowledge, and experience making Marcum Search a cohesive and attractive atmosphere.  Thanks boss.

This month’s guest contributor is Steve Goldmintz, VP Marcum Search. Steve is based in our Manhattan NY office.