September 21, 2023

Third Thursday Thoughts, 21st Edition

Hello Fall!

Third Thursday Thoughts

The move from one season to another brings about more than just a change in weather; the glowing colors of summer start to fade, the cool breeze of fall sets in and just as the leaves change their colors, companies start to make changes within to prepare for the months ahead. These changes may shift priorities and responsibilities and highlight where staffing needs to be augmented, either temporarily, with the use of consultants or through the addition of new position(s). These changes mark a significant change for the recruiting industry, as well; we are here to provide talent solutions for our clients who now have openings and consulting for our candidates looking for their next steps in their careers.

The end of summer is a perfect time for companies and recruiters to think about their year-to-date progress. The goals set at the beginning of the year are reviewed, strategies are studied, victories and defeats are acknowledged. Recruiters take a pause to examine their recruitment strategies and overall performance. They examine their goals and resources, and review areas that need improvement. They can then focus on changing their strategies in order to finish the year strong.

Just like falling leaves teaches us that change is inevitable, so are the hiring needs of companies and organizations as they enter the final quarter of the year. Business activities, especially in industries like manufacturing, retail and e-commerce that prepare for the holiday season and ramp up their activities in order to meet goals set at the beginning of the year and enter the new year strong. There is a shift in priorities; recruiters must adapt to the evolving demands of these businesses and realign their efforts to source candidates with the skills and experience required to meet the yearly goals as well as the new challenges.

For the recruiting industry, there is a sense of urgency as the year draws to a close. Companies aim to fill open positions before the start of the new year; perhaps before the pre-approved head count additions are lost. Recruiters play a vital role in ensuring this happens. Recruiters need to streamline their processes, expedite decision-making, and maintain open lines of communication with candidates and hiring managers to successfully not only wrap up but begin new hiring initiatives. Time delays need to be avoided, more so at this time of year; before year-end bonuses become a driving force in whether a candidate is willing to make a change or stay for the payout.

Although the pandemic altered the way recruiting was performed, we are now returning to a slightly altered pre-pandemic recruiting environment. More and more companies prefer an in-person interview and will perhaps accommodate a quick phone call/virtual interview prior at the request of the candidate. Although many companies have accommodated a hybrid schedule, more and more prefer/require a candidate on site at least four (4) days a week. Recruiters have to re-adapt their strategies to accommodate these changes. Re-emphasizing the in -person connection as an enhancement to the candidate and encouraging companies to remain flexible to establish a work/life balance.

The beginning of fall is more than just a seasonal transition; as we race into year end, priorities alter, and recruiters find themselves at a key point where flexibility and intuition are paramount. Companies and recruiters embrace the changes that come with the seasonal transition in order to pilot the growing landscape with confidence.