May 19, 2022

Third Thursday Thoughts, 14th Edition

Summer Hiring

Third Thursday Thoughts

Hiring isn’t a summer breeze. Prospects aren’t aggressively job hunting and summer vacations make it hard to score face time with sought after candidates. Just because the majority of top talent is likely enjoying a well-deserved vacation, doesn’t mean that our Clients’ need for talent is slowing down.  

We at Marcum Search empathize with summer schedules, as many people have holidays planned mid-summer along with family activities now that the kids are out of school. Great candidates are worth the wait. Bonus: Some employees have more relaxed schedules, and some have summer hours, thus allowing them more time to sneak away for an interview. You can always bridge the gap with video interviews, just be sure to set expectations (i.e., board shorts prohibited, professional attire still applies.)

Sometimes, when the boss is away, top talent will play—with job boards. Summer is often a time of reflection for employees, making it prime time for them to join the job hunt. In fact, workers are likely to conduct job-search activities at work. Where are gainfully employed prospects doing their search? Mobile. During lunch, on their breaks, or at their desks hoping nobody notices, top talent rely on the convenience of mobile search to find, research and apply for jobs. We at Marcum Search get in front of each and every possible prospect by ensuring our site is optimized for mobile search.

Vacation season is the calm before the fourth quarter hiring storm. We consider it a time to break through noise and shout-out to top talent without straining our voice. Sought-after candidates are out there, but, because of complex summer schedules, it may just take a little more effort to connect with them. We don’t let beachy umbrella drinks stand between us and the perfect hire. The team here at Marcum Search communicates via text messages, which is quick and an increasingly favored way to stay in touch professionally.  I’m sure the average person checks their phone over 150 times a day so, even if a candidate is on vacation, our message is sure to be seen.

Summer means an influx of eager college grads entering the job market as well. Though we may be seeking more seasoned applicants, we certainly don’t overlook the value of wide-eyed youth. And, since it’s our “slow” season, Marcum Search’s recruiters have more time to take deep dives with candidates that they may otherwise pass over. Summer is a great time to hire the best entry-level candidates that will eagerly strive to go above and beyond.

While other recruiters are kicking their feet up for the summer, we are on the recruiting trail—taking advantage of reduced competition. Our summer is spent recharging our hiring strategy while also working on our suntans.

With that said, Third Thursday Thoughts will also be taking a summer vacation and will return in September.

Have a Wonderful Summer everyone!