February 1, 2021

Employee Spotlight – Steve Goldmintz

Meet Steve Goldmintz, Vice President, Media & Telecomm

Employee Spotlight – Steve Goldmintz

How has your career grown since starting at Marcum Search?
I came to Marcum Search with a solid foundation in another industry, an upstart industry called Cable Television. Two branches grew since joining Marcum Search, almost eight years ago. First, the cable industry taught us diversity via a number of organizations and business associations. I believe that I have been able to bring some of those learned disciplines to Marcum LLP. Second, in recruiting at Marcum Search, through our positive collaborative work styles, I have been able to learn and successfully recruit for core accounting roles by dint of breathing in the atmosphere at Marcum. Plus, it’s great to be in Manhattan.

In my career I am most proud of…
Again, twofold. Recognized accomplishments in my prior industry. And here at Marcum Search, answering the call of my team mates. Most remarkable recruiting was moving a candidate from Kazakhstan to Denver for a telecom client.

My favorite quote is…
“There’s no known benefit to impatience”
Cousin Steve

Three words to describe myself…
Can I go with the Scout oath which is more than three words?

My perfect day is…
A rare day (once a year) at the summer beach club, on the blue sky beach, under an umbrella, kryptonite strength sun block, ear pods connected to SiriusXM 18 – The Beatles Channel.

Advice for my 16 year old self…
Listen to dad.

The person who had the biggest impact on my life is…
My high school journalism teacher, the late Pauline Bonagura Mullaney.

Number 1 on my bucket list is…
To get one of my 1750 original songs recorded by a recognized recording artist.

What is your best tip on how to stay connected while still practicing social distancing during COVID-19?
Our Marcum Search teams connect regularly and the Marcum LLP leadership has been professionally transparent in how we work through the pandemic era. So, stay connected!

What is one thing you hope to achieve in 2021?
Good health for myself and others.