April 1, 2022

Employee Spotlight – Nicole Brandt

Meet Nicole Brandt - Talent Acquisition Manager

Employee Spotlight – Nicole Brandt

Tell us a little about yourself….
I was born and raised in NJ where I also attended Montclair State University and obtained an Accounting Degree. I spent a year as an Auditor before transitioning into recruiting. I have been with Marcum for a little over 3 years. I recently got married, adopted a puppy and purchased my first home with my husband.

How has your career grown since starting at Marcum Search?
have been recruiting for about 3.5 years now and when I first started here, given my audit background, I would work on roles like Audit Seniors and Supervisors. Over the 3 years of being at Marcum Search, I have diversified into recruiting for different lines of service and levels such as Human Resources, Transaction Advisory Services, Administrative, Partners, etc.

In my career I am most proud of…
Being able to make a difference in someone’s life and career. Calling a candidate to give them an offer is a feeling like no other. Recruiting truly is such a rewarding and fulfilling career that I am so grateful to have.

My favorite quote is…
Enjoy it because it’s happening!

Three words to describe myself…
Hardworking, humorous, outspoken

My perfect day is…
A beautiful day at the beach and then coming home for dinner and to spend time with my husband and puppy!

Advice for my 16 year old self…
It always works out in the end…always!

The person who had the biggest impact on my life is…
My parents! They raised my brother and I to be hardworking individuals and instilled that in us at a very young age and it has really paid off in our adult lives.

A funny or memorable experience from your career or personal life?
Back when I was an auditor, I would always get comments for “talking too much.” I ended up taking that and my experience in audit and turning into a successful recruiting career. I truly feel like I am right where I belong!