November 1, 2021

Employee Spotlight – Leslie Otto

Meet Leslie Otto - Director

Employee Spotlight – Leslie Otto

How has your career grown since starting at Marcum Search?
I started at Marcum Search 3 years ago as a Part Time Sourcer and am now a Recruiter. I have been lucky to work with such a great group of talented individuals! I have learned so much!

In my career I am most proud of…
I am most proud of being promoted to Director at Marcum Search and being recognized for my efforts.

Tell us a little about yourself…
I am a positive, energetic and determined person. Whatever I take on I’m all in and give 100%. I’ve been a Mom to two terrific boys for 23 years but as they grew older I felt ready to jump back into the workforce and challenge myself personally and professionally. I was given a great opportunity at Marcum Search and every day I am learning and growing which I love!

My favorite quote is…
Everything happens for a reason……believe!

Three words to describe myself…
Committed, Enthusiastic and Loyal.

My perfect day is…
Spending quality time with my family.

Advice for my 16 year old self…
Be curious, work hard and play hard!

The person who had the biggest impact on my life is…
My dad had the biggest impact on my life! He taught me resiliency. Tomorrow is a new day-you have the opportunity to be better. “It’s always darkest before the dawn” he would say. Stay strong, and work through it. I know hope is not a strategy, but hope is my pilot light that keeps me going! A new day! A better day!

Number one on my bucket list
To see “La Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona, Spain

A funny or memorable experience from your career or personal life?
When our Black Lab Champ was around 3 years old, he would sleep in my son’s room. His room was dark blue-dark blue walls, dark blue carpet, dark blue and white down comforter. Champ, being a lab, loved birds…he would continually dig at the comforter….I would laugh thinking he was trying to “get the duck”! One morning, I went to wake my son for school. I opened the door and the whole room looked like a snow globe someone had just shaken! The fan was on and the white goose feathers were swirling around the dark blue room! I quickly closed the door……and reopened thinking I was seeing things! But no! Champ got the duck! He was so happy! I couldn’t be mad, I just had to laugh!