January 1, 2024

Employee Spotlight – Danielle Booth

Meet Danielle Booth - Vice President, People Solutions

Employee Spotlight – Danielle Booth

Tell us a little about yourself
A native Long Islander, I grew up on the south shore and after a few failed attempts to live elsewhere, I have found my happy place right back in the town I grew up in. I live in Patchogue, NY with my husband, step-daughter (11) and son (3). Living on Long Island, the water is where our hearts are. We enjoy beach days, boat days, and even winter trips down to the ferry dock just to watch the fishing boats drive by.

How has your career grown since starting at Marcum Search?
As a career Human Resources professional, formerly supporting the organization’s internal employees, my shift to Marcum Search allows me professional growth in that I use to my experience to assist clients with their HR needs. Through learning and tailoring solutions for our clients, I am able to feel personal and professional reward. Whether it be a new industry, people, or HR challenges, stretching myself outside of one industry ensures I stay adaptable and apprised of current HR trends.

My favorite quote is
“Forward is a pace.”

I cannot recall that any scholar or celebrity said this, but it is a mantra I live by. Sometimes the pace you are going at is just fine, as long as it is forward. You will eventually reach the finish line.

Three words to describe myself
Reliable, Thorough, Loyal

My perfect day is
80 degrees and sunny, on the water with my family!

Advice for my 16 year old self
Choose a finish line and keep moving toward it. Derailments happen but don’t allow them to alter you from the course; refocus and get back on track.

Number 1 on my bucket list
I’m currently itching to see the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. One day…

The person who had the biggest impact on my life is
It sounds cliche, but my son has made the biggest impact. Raising a child with special needs helps me to see the world with a more patient and understanding mindset. His role in my life has shown me the importance of openly talking about neurodiversity. Helping others with neurodiverse family members feel supported and accepted is a new passion of mine. With my son, I find celebration in the smallest of wins and constantly remind myself to lead by example.

In my career I am most proud of
I am most proud of the way I have been able to foster and grow relationships. In my childhood, I was described as the shy one, afraid to talk to new people. As I developed in my career, I have shed my shyness and now I love to meet and talk with new people.

A funny or memorable experience from your career or personal life?
I’m 37 and I just took up pickleball. As a long-time triathlete, sports generally come pretty easy for me. I’m currently playing with women twice my age and getting my butt kicked. I think I burn more calories laughing than actually playing.