Marcum Search’s Technology Division offers premier professional recruiting services across a wide variety of industries and functional responsibilities.

Our customized process allows us to better understand the specific needs and objectives of clients and candidates alike, regardless of what their background may be. Marcum’s professional recruiters recognize the importance of working closely with our clients to ensure that a proper, and long-term, fit is established. Each member of the Marcum leadership team has senior level, industry-specific credentials and experience that afford them a unique perspective of the ever-changing market.

The mission of Marcum Search is to find the people who possess the precise skill-set, qualifications and “cultural fit” that companies seek in a high-speed world, with the least possible pain. The inflated costs of an internal recruiter can be reduced significantly by partnering with a consultant that truly understands your needs. We will save your business time, money, and perhaps most importantly, stress.

In addition, your exclusive Marcum Search recruiters form close partnerships with your staff so that we fully understand the nature of your business. This has resulted in a proven track record of success and an effective and reliable search process. Tired of having your in-box inundated with 30 mediocre resumes your current recruiter sent to you to review? We don’t blame you. Our approach provides you with just a few targeted resumes that we know you’ll love. The decision making process travels at the speed of light when you’re choosing from only A+ talent. Let us show you the Marcum difference today.