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As the market grows increasingly global and complex, HR professionals must play an ever increasing role in setting company strategies and ensuring their effective execution.

Your company needs an HR professional who understands your short and long-term goals, and can provide the knowledge, processes, and human resources talent you need to drive your organization forward.

HR executives are everything from risk managers & culture coaches, to legal experts and personnel arbitrators. As the market changes and evolves, finding, hiring, and retaining top talent is undoubtedly foremost on their strategic agendas. Additionally, these executives are leaned upon more and more heavily to build and define corporate ethics and morale.

Marcum Search can effectively recruit at every level from mid-management to the C-Suite. Without truly understanding your needs, culture, and corporate goals, we can never truly help you. That's why every Marcum Search recruiter takes the time to sit down and understand the unique aspects of your company.

As a premier national recruiting firm, Marcum Search is ideally positioned to work with every company from Fortune 100 to local start-up. No matter the size, the same hands-on approach is used to find and present truly transcendent talent in Human Resources.

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The importance of building an effective brand cannot be overstated. In a world that competes in 7 second segments for your attention, having a dedicated and talented Marketing professional can literally make or break your company.

These experience professionals can no longer focus simply on setting up mixers and networking events. Rather, they must be able to demonstrate a dynamic presence in all traditional and emerging media forms, public relations, e-commerce, as well as strategic and worth-while networking events held in carefully planned geographic regions. Nobody understands how to reach a target audience better than the recruiters with Marcum Search.

The best marketing professional for you will combine a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies, social media manipulation, and good old fashioned traditional communication techniques. However, that's simply not enough. The right person must also have a clear understanding of your short and long-term corporate initiatives and be able to provide a clear path to achieve those goals. In short, they must know where you are today, where you want to go, and get you there as efficiently as creatively as possible.

Marcum Search understands that expanding your presence in your current markets, and breaking in to new ones is the best recipe for healthy and sustained company growth. Let us provide you the person to help get you there.


Marcum Search LLC offers premier professional recruiting services. Building on Marcum Group's personalized approach to accounting and financial services, the members of the Marcum Search team have their clients' best interests in mind. Marcum Search's customized process allows them to better understand the specific needs and objectives of their clients and candidates alike.


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